Our Story

We have a Mini Schnauzer called Miko. She is 16 this year. We loved to
bring her around for picnic and outings but it was always a hassle to
bring her around as we do not have our own private transport until we
found Buddyrider. After trying the product together with Miko, we
decided to bring Buddyrider into Singapore to share and spread this
wonderful pet seat to everyone else.



Buddyrider™ Story

If comfort and safety are priorities for you and your best friend then there is no better alternative than the Buddyrider™ pet seat.
Your dog sits in a comfortable position safely strapped in making the experience very enjoyable for both of you. The unique design has been engineered to fit almost any modern adult bicycle, with a measurement of at least 48cm (19″) between the seat post and the handlebar stem.
Center-mounted seats for children, and in this case for pets, have proven to be far superior to those mounted behind the bicycle seat and also those mounted on the handlebars. It gives the rider much better control because of where the extra weight is positioned over the center of the bicycle. Being able to see them at all times is a bonus.

Over 20 years ago Founder of Buddyrider, Colin took a standard bicycle seat and attached it to the crossbar of my bicycle as an experiment. He was searching for a better way than the rear-mounted child seat that he had previously purchased for their children.

The central positioning proved to be a much safer option due to the better weight distribution and ease of handling. Of course, the children eventually grew too big and moved on to riding their own bikes, but the experience of carrying a passenger directly in front of the rider convinced him that it was the way to go.

As children leave the proverbial nest and pets inevitably fill the void, he decided that it was time to make a pet seat for his feisty Jack Russell called Jack. He just has to go everywhere they go, he won’t take no for an answer. Colin started with a plastic bucket cut away and attached it to the crossbar. From the very first moment Jack climbed aboard, he sat down with his front paws resting on the handlebars and Colin knew it was the way it should be. Many prototypes later with many hours of testing and enjoyment, Colin arrived at what you see today, the Buddyrider™.

Buddy Ventures has took over the Buddyrider business as of February 2020, Colin remains as an advisor for Buddyrider